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Quick note from the Elders…

Jim Camp

We apologize for failing to inform the congregation last October when Jim Camp stepped down from the Elder board.  The Camps are moving at the end of the school year.  Jim wanted to be able to focus on getting things in place for the move.


You may have noticed a change in the budgeted need in the offering in the bulletin.  You may have also noticed how it seems we are short every month but are still able to continue.

The budget amount is what we would need on a monthly basis to pay all the bills as well as pay our Pastor.  When we are short, Village Missions helps with the Pastor’s salary so that we may have a full-time minister.  This is one of the reasons why Grace Christian Fellowship has partnered with Village Missions.

When we are able to meet the budgeted amount we are able to play our Pastor his salary.  Then anything over budget can be added to our general fund to help with equipment and building maintenance costs.

If you have any further questions you may contact Doug Coffman, Bob Emmert or Daryl Lamplea.  All three would get the email if send to:

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