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From Pastor Kevin – September 8, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Messiah,

Got into my car this morning, turned on the wipers to clear off the dew, and the wipers scraped off something a little harder than water.  The low was only 42, but there was a bit of frost on the windshield.  Gone are the days of 80 degrees, and most of the 70 degree days.  The highs are generally in the 60’s now and the lows are in the 40’s.  We are still picking cherry tomatoes on our deck, but the plants are changing color and not blooming as much as they were.  Has been nice having fresh tomatoes; they really have produced a lot.  Leslie has enjoyed working with the flowers this summer…our deck looks like a forest with all the plants growing on it.  Has been nice!

We got back from Kansas last week on Tuesday evening.  Was good to get to see most of Leslie’s cousins at her uncle’s funeral.  Her aunt is doing okay, but it is difficult after being married for 63 years.  Please pray for Ginni and her family at this time.

Had our weekly prayer meeting this morning.  I looked up at the end and saw the school bus driving by.  First day of school up here.  Will be an interesting year with all the changes.  I know some of the kids are glad to be back with their friends.  We are starting our fall schedule here at the church.  Next week will be the start of Sunday School.  Bob Emmert will be teaching this year and continuing with the Answers in Genesis curriculum we have been working on the past few years.  The first week of October is the start of Youth Group, Ladies Bible Study, and a New Testament Survey Bible Study.  All will be meeting on Monday night this year.  The Survey class will be looking at a different book of the New Testament each week.  Please be praying for these classes and if the Lord would have you join us in studying His word.

We have been looking at Psalms on Sunday mornings since last March.  Next week we are going to be going back to the book of 2 Peter, picking up where we left off.  This Sunday’s message was from Psalm 57.   This is called a Psalm of lament and deals with a difficult time in King David’s life when he had to hide in a cave from King Saul who was seeking to kill him.  While this was a very difficult time for David, he continues to trust in God’s control in every situation of his life.  He starts the Psalm by asking for God’s mercy.  In the midst of his trials he strives to keep his heart firmly fixed on the God who is exalted over all, who is God most high.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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