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From Pastor Kevin – September 28, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Messiah,

We continue to enjoy the bright colors all around us; this week is likely the peak for the color.  It also looks like the paving project between here and Hancock is nearing its end.  Seems like it has been several months since we were able to drive back and forth without stopping at least once.  It sure is nice to have a smooth road!  Peggy Ann and Chuck continue to be with us from Kansas.  Chuck and I are hoping to get to go fishing this week with Jim; hopefully it will be a day without too much rain; both of them seem to not be bothered by that at all.

Had our first leadership meeting this week since January.  We are currently making plans to reach out to our community with the Gospel.  The basic premise is DO OVER!  Please pray for wisdom as we explore this new adventure into which the Lord is leading us.  We see a great heart for the lost.  It was great to see Rob, Pam and Wally as they came up for the meeting.  We all miss them very much and it is always fun to see how little Wally is growing.  Pray for them as they continue to minister in Watersmeet during this time; also, that they can get their house in Mohawk finished up and on the market.

Next week will be the start of our Fall activities.  Monday night will be our big night with kids’ choir starting at 4PM.  Then we will have worship practice at 6, and Bible studies and Youth Group to follow at 7PM.  Still not sure about Sharon’s Ladies’ study…please let her know quickly if you are interested.  Doug will be looking at Dare2Share material and then “Is Genesis History?” with the youth group.  The other Bible Study will be a quick survey of the books of the New Testament with our goal to be studying a new book each week.  The men’s biblical 12-step continues to meet on Thursdays.  Please pray for all these activities.

Sunday’s message started us into chapter 3 of 2 Peter.  In this book Peter has mentioned several times his desire to stir them (and us) up by way of reminder.  Remember the truths written in God’s word (by the prophets, the Lord Jesus, and the apostles).  And he also warns of the mocking of false teachers trying to make us think that Jesus will not be coming back…that life will just go on.  Truth is…Jesus will return and after that will come the judgment!

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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