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From Pastor Kevin – October 26, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

Hard to believe we woke up to several inches of the “white stuff” this morning.  Right now, it is continuing to snow with really big flakes coming down.  I was thankful that my snow blower started this morning and I could get the driveway cleared, at least for the morning.  It sure does seem early for this!  We still have to get our decks cleared off.

Saturday was our monthly workday and we got quite a bit done.  Biggest thing was that we now have two new signs in front of the church.  In case you didn’t catch that…I said signs, two of them – we now have one on each side of the sanctuary door.  Marc and Daryl worked really hard in the falling snow to get the final post put in on the East side; then it was just a matter of building the frame and hanging the same.  Marc did a great job making them!  Several ladies also did a lot of cleaning and sorting throughout the church.

Thanks to Leslie’s sister and her husband we got to spend a couple of days at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island this past week.  It is a really nice place, and the food was delicious!  When we drove up in our horse drawn carriage (no motorized vehicles allowed on the island) all of the summer flowers were growing around the hotel.  Some had been frozen and a little worn.  During our stay they pulled them all out and planted many thousands of tulip bulbs.  Would like to see them all blooming in the Spring.

Our Kid’s Choir sang this past Sunday and did a great job.  They are very enjoyable to work with and, I believe, they are quite good singers.  Leslie ran into several families last week at Walmart and it likes our number may be growing.  Pray for the Lord to work in all of their lives as we sing the truth of His word.

Sunday’s message began the short book of Jude.  We are working on memorizing verse three which is the theme.  Jude’s original intention in writing this letter was to write about our common salvation, however, with the struggles being faced already, by the early church, the Lord directed him to write about earnestly contending for the faith.  This book is a good book to follow 2 Peter with as it also talks about the dangers of false teachers.  As the church we need to be standing on and living the truth that God has revealed to us in His great salvation and through His word.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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