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From Pastor Kevin – October 19, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

Well…the white stuff has arrived.  My usual website for checking snow totals (fun in the up) is not currently up ☹.  The only one I could find was Keweenaw County and they have a total of 3.5 inches so far.  We drove to Watersmeet on Friday to see Rob and Pam and drove in about 2 inches of frozen slush.  We got stuck behind a semi that was going 20; the first part of the trip was rather slow.  Once we got past Twin Lakes…or so…we had a beautiful drive.  The snow covered yellow trees are really beautiful.  Rob and Pam are doing well, and Wally continues to get bigger every time we see him.  He loves running around in his walker.  We also got to go to the Jam Pot (the monks up in Eagle River) this past week; they are closing for the winter.  Peggy Ann (Leslie’s sister) had put her name on the list for some lemon bread that she likes, and they let her know that was the last day she could get some.  We of course had to get some other delicious things…not good for the diet ☹

This coming Sunday the Kid’s Choir is going to be singing for the first time.  It has been very enjoyable working with them, and they are doing quite well.  We are also trying to get a piano class started for them.  If you have or know of anyone in the area who has a portable keyboard we could borrow, we would appreciate it.  Let me know and I can come pick it up.  We are hoping to have three or four so we can have two classes: one for the older kids and one for the younger.

I did get to talk to Bill this past week and he said that Claudyne is in Wausau.  She is in a coma…but does seem to be making some progress although slowly.  They are just waiting for her to wake up.  Please pray for both of them at this time.  Also, Phil and Barb could use our prayers at this time.

Sunday’s message finished up the book of 2 Peter looking mostly at the verses we have been memorizing in chapter 3, verses 17 and 18.  The main idea of the book is found in these verses and focuses on our need to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Knowing the great salvation that God has worked and the danger of so many false prophets as well as Jesus’ certain return…we are all to grow in grace,  understanding more fully each day the amazing grace God has shown us.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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