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From Pastor Kevin – November 2, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

Right now, I would say that winter is here to stay.  I did hear a rumor that things are going to warm back up into the 50’s later on this week…we shall see…  This weekend we finally got all of our outside things put away.  It was a very cold and windy day, and all of the flowerpots were frozen solid.  We still need to get our little deck fountain put away, it was frozen solid and took the whole day to thaw while sitting inside the house.  The pump still works which is nice.  We also got our camper covered up which was not an easy task with the wind blowing so strong.  We will probably have to rework it if it has survived this wind.

Please be praying for Rob and Pam.  Pam had to get a COVID test last week; they are thinking it is just her usual sinus thing…  Pray that the test results come back negative.  Also be praying for them as they head to Village Missions candidate school in the next couple of weeks.

Have had a difficult time with the computer here at the church; as a result, we were unable to live-stream the service this past Sunday.  Doug and Jim will be working hard to get things back up and running for next Sunday.  Please pray for wisdom for both them as well as God’s provision.

With the election coming up tomorrow, and all the unrest, we need to be spending time in prayer for our nation and for our government officials.  It is very comforting to know that God holds all things in His hands…His will, will be done!

We continued our study of Jude, verses 4-10 in the message.  Jude continues the warning we heard in 2 Peter, against false prophets and more specifically here the people who have crept into the church unnoticed.  They profess to know the truth but have never fully trusted in Jesus’ offer of forgiveness.  It often seems as though these false teachers and apostates are just getting by with their lies.  Jude reminds us that, just as God judged the Israelites that rejected Him in the wilderness, just as He judged the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and the angels who turned from Him…all those who turn from God now will ultimately be judged.  There is a judgment coming for those who still turn from Him.  We must always surrender to the Lord, our gracious Master.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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