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From Pastor Kevin – May 25, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Happy Memorial Day!

Just like that…spring is here!  Last Sunday I had to turn up the heat in the church on Sunday…this week, we had to open windows and find a fan.  Temperatures have been in the 70s.  It has gotten quite warm on several days.  It is nice to see the new green leaves coming out on the trees.  Tulips and daffodils are beginning to bloom at the church!  There was a parade this week-end for the High School graduates.  We are quite proud of Micaela and her accomplishments, pray the Lord will lead and guide her future.  Also please pray for Marianne as she remains in the hospital.

Got to help Rob and Pam move down to Watersmeet this week.  Took a load down Thursday and again on Friday.  Had a great crew to help load up their moving truck on Friday and good help to unload it down in Watersmeet.  Pray for them as they get settled down there and consider how best to minister to the people down there.  Had an amazing drive down and back watching the leaves come out more each time we went down and came back.  All the little bushes are starting to bloom…so beautiful! While we were unloading Leslie fell again and hit her head.  She will not be needing any eye make-up for a while.  Pretty shaken up and sore…just didn’t really “need” another fall.

We are planning on officially re-opening the church this next Sunday.  It is most interesting how people have slowly started coming back.  It is so good to worship together.  It was nice that the President declared churches to be essential.  Pray for wisdom for us and our country as we proceed from here.  It is great to know that God is always in control of all things!

Sunday’s message looked at Psalm 95.  This Psalm begins with a call for all of us to worship the Lord.  He alone is God…the great God…in whose hands are the lowest place on the earth, and the highest place…and everything in between.  The end of the Psalm gives a warning not to harden our hearts to His word.  Remember…think about…consider…the amazing things He has done.  Our God is the one true awesome and holy God.  He has done great things!

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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