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From Pastor Kevin – March 8, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

Fairly calm and quiet week here this past week.  We did get a call from our son Richard, in Colorado Springs, asking if Leslie could come out and help with Jenna (our granddaughter who was burned this past summer).  There has been great improvement in the healing process, and they are nearing the end.  They need some help watching Jenna so they can both get back to work.  Leslie will be flying out from Minneapolis this Wednesday and will probably be there several weeks.  It will be a good time for her to get to see most of our kids and grandkids as well.  Please pray for both of us as it is not easy being apart.

In our rushing to get things ready for Leslie to leave, she needed to set up some ladies to continue teaching their Bible Study on Monday afternoons.  Things have been going well and we really don’t want this to stop in her absence.  Several of the ladies have volunteered to lead a study while she is gone so they can continue to meet and study together.  Their study of Revelation will resume when she gets back.  So thankful for the ladies who are willing to help out in this way.  Pray that God will continue to work in all of their lives through this time.

We are supposed to be having warmer temperatures for the next couple of days; up into the 40’s at least.  It has surely been a strange winter this year!  Part of the problem with the warmer temperatures is that the snow starts to melt and then freezes over night which means there is a nice sheet of ice to walk on in the morning.  Sometimes feel and look like an old man trying to walk on it and stay upright.

Sunday’s message resumed our look at the book of Ephesians where we looked at verses 15 and 16 in chapter 1.  Verses 3 – 14 are one very long run on sentence proclaiming the glories of the great salvation God has provided.  15 and 16 lead us into what we should do after knowing these great truths.  Paul begins by telling his readers of the good report he has heard of their faith and trust in Jesus’ sacrifice for them and of their love for those who have also trusted in Jesus.  Because of these things Paul gives thanks for them and then prays that they would grow in their knowledge of God…the things he has been talking about.  What an amazing opportunity we have to pray these same things for each other also.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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