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From Pastor Kevin – March 30, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Snow covered rocks in Lake SuperiorLeslie and I got to go on a drove up to Copper Harbor this past week.  It was sad not getting to have our Italian Nachos that we usually get.  We did actually get to have a picnic at our usual spot north of Eagle River.  Many of the rocks out in the lake had what looked like white hats on top of them, many of them were several feet thick; they were a combination of snow and ice from the waves.  Some of them had begun melting creating a gap between the rock and the snow of several feet with icicles hanging down – looked like big open mouths with long teeth.   At one point as we drove further north, our phones went off giving us an alert, like an amber alert, except this came from Canada.  It was about the virus and staying at home.  What a reminder of the events happening in our lives right now.  Still the sun was shining, the waves were quietly lapping on the shore…God is still in control.

Hope many of you were able to tune into the service Sunday morning.  Sorry about the delay getting started, had some technical issues that sprang up at just the wrong time.  Doug has been working really hard to get this all put together.  He is also working on improving the video quality.  Eventually all the kinks will be worked out.    If you missed it you can still see a recording of it either on our Facebook page or the church’s website.

Sunday’s message finished our look at Psalm 97; good place to go with all the things going on in our lives right now.  THE LORD REIGNS is the main idea!  He reigns and we should be glad.  We may not always understand what He is doing and why…still He reigns!  Righteousness and justice are the foundation, the dwelling place of His throne.  There is a time of judgment coming for this world, for all who have turned from God to idols which are worthless.  Since the Lord reigns…we should trust His righteousness and justice… we should remember His judgment will come… His glory is revealed… we should worship Him alone… we should hate evil… and…we should be glad.  Good things to remember in these times of uncertainty in our world…and at all times.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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