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From Pastor Kevin – March 29, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

Made it down to Minneapolis on Friday night and picked up Leslie at the airport.  Made it back up here on Saturday.  Nice to be back home!  Leslie got to see all the kids and grandkids out in the Denver area and had a good time with all of them.  Jena will be heading back to school this week, so that is good news also, after a long year of recovery from her burns.  Got to see several bald eagles on the drive along with seeing some changes in the trees…a few of them are starting to put out the fuzzy seed pods…getting ready for spring!

This week we will be finishing up our Contenders class – New Testament Survey.  Have gone through each of the New Testament books learning the author, the date, where they were written, to whom they were written and a basic outline.  They have been studying and working hard and tonight we have the final.

Was nice to have the Kid’s Choir sing yesterday.  I am excited to have them singing in parts, mostly soprano and alto, and even had a few high sopranos on the last note.  It is quite fun getting to work with each of them and beginning to learn each of their own individual personalities.

Looks like some of us will be heading down to Watersmeet this Friday.  We are not going to be doing the Passover/Seder here this year…so we are going to be joining them down there instead.  Should be a fun evening…if a bit of a drive.

Sunday’s message looked again at the events surrounding Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  We focused most of our attention on Matthew 21, although the event is recorded in all 4 of the gospels, with not much difference between them.  On that day, Jesus, rode into Jerusalem, on the back of the colt of a donkey.  This is a prophecy recorded in the book of Zechariah written some 500 years before.  The people shouted Hosanna to the Son of David.  While Hosanna basically is a word of praise…it comes from two Hebrew words save and plea.  It basically is a plea to be saved, a plea for salvation.  Jesus is the only One who is able to save us, the only One who can pay the penalty for our sin.  It is good to remember all He has done for us.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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