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From Pastor Kevin – March 23, 2020

Dear Church Family,

Again…I am surprised at the changes that have come on our lives so quickly.  We are very thankful to have Veronica home…she was attending Frontier School of the Bible, in Wyoming and they have closed for the rest of this semester.  She had been looking at different ways to get home, and on Friday she got a really good deal on a flight from Denver to Minneapolis.  We jumped in the car a little after noon and picked her up that night.  Was an interesting drive down and back.  Not much traffic…we stopped and bought our food and ate in the car.  One of my favorite things is hazelnut coffee from Holiday.  Always take my cup in and get a refill.  Can’t do that anymore…they have to fill it for you…and they didn’t make the hazelnut. ☹  Also had to explain my strange concoction of a little bit of coffee and mostly water.  (Thanks to Jean in Venango  )

We had 8 people in church Sunday…was good to see them!  Thanks to Doug – we did church online.  Seemed to go OK, until the phone fell out of its holder for the last song.  We sang two great hymns…Great Is Thy Faithfulness and This Is My Father’s World.  Both have great hope for times like this…and always!  One of the Village Missions wives put out a comment after all our on line services…and just like that all of our husbands are televangelists…  I wouldn’t go that far…very funny!

The message came from Psalm 97.  Very important truth to consider.  Three simple short words and yet…they are hope and our help always.  THE LORD REIGNS!  We don’t always understand what He is doing…nor do we get why He is doing what He is doing.  And yet…in everything the Lord reigns supreme…He is in complete control of everything that is happening in our lives…and the lives of the whole world.  The second verse says…clouds and thick darkness surround Him.  Psalms are Hebrew poetry, and this gives us a great image…a picture of God.  In Exodus we read how God was present in a pillar of cloud…He came down in a cloud on Mt. Sinai when He gave the 10 commandments…many other times.  We don’t always see what or how God is working…He is working, nonetheless.  I pray that you are resting in His power and control through this time!

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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