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From Pastor Kevin – March 22, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

Pretty quiet week here, especially with Leslie gone.  Temperatures have been fairly warm in the 40’s and even into the 60’s a few days.  The ice in front of my garage is almost gone.   The snow is beginning to melt and becoming that “lovely” shade of black that happens every year at this time.  Walked on the back road to the church last week in the evening and had to step through the water to get through.  Had wet socks and shoes the rest of the night; won’t go that way for a while.

Recently heard that Mike has pneumonia, so he is needing prayer for that and Kimmie is progressing well after back surgery but still needs prayer there.  Others are dealing with health issues and struggles in life – pray that God will give strength in all of these.

Leslie is having a good time in Colorado.  She finished up her time with Richard’s family, helping with Jena.  She had fun times with both Kimberly and Jena.  This week she will be doing a bit of traveling to see the rest of the kids and grandkids.  Today I think they are in Cheyenne and visiting with Matt’s family.  This Friday I head to Minneapolis to pick her up…will be nice to have her back home!

Yesterday was the church’s Annual Meeting.  All went well and Jim was approved again as an elder along with passing of the by-law changes…trying to get things a bit more up to date.  Had a good discussion of how God has been working in our lives during this past year.  Was also nice to have some lunch together thanks to Kathy S. and all those that helped her with that.

Sunday’s message began with a look at prayer.  Prayer and the study of the word are most important in the church.  Prayer is not informing God – He knows everything already.  Prayer is to be an unbroken conversation with God that is built around a living and loving relationship with Him.  Prayer is to be for His glory and for His will.  Ephesians talks about such a prayer in verses 15-23.  We should be praying for each other to understand and more fully know God’s great plan of salvation.  We should also be praying for each other to know God’s great power at work in believers’ lives and the greatness of our great Redeemer.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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