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From Pastor Kevin – June 8, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Everywhere you look there is that beautiful green color…more and more each day.  The lilacs are starting to bloom as are the many bushes that grow in the woods.  Such a beautiful time to go for a drive.  We were glad to hear one of our favorite restaurants was open in Copper Harbor so we “had” to take a drive up there one evening this past week.  So nice to have things opening again.

The church continues to be open with people gradually coming back as they are comfortable.  The funeral for Ted N’s mother was this past Friday.  It was good to get to meet some of his family.  Went to the graveside service at Lakeview Cemetery.  I heard that there are 3,500 people buried there which is the same number of living people in Houghton County…just a fun fact. 😊  Please pray for Ted and his family

Still enjoying the beautiful plants in front of the church along with some hanging flowers.  We also now have a hummingbird feeder hanging up…always enjoy watching them and they have already found it.  We are enjoying a little gardening on our back porch at home this year as I have had terrible luck with a real garden.  We have a few tomatoes, peppers, radishes and onions.  Will be fun if the mature.

This was our Sunday to honor Micaela, our high school graduate and our foreign exchange students.  Micaela put together a really nice presentation with all 4 of our exchange students giving us an update on their lives now that they all have returned home.  Very good to hear from them…we will be sending each of them a Bible in their native language, and Micaela will also get a new study bible as she heads off into the next chapter of her life.  Please pray for Micaela, Marianna, VV, Ally and Sally.

Sunday’s message was from Psalm 119:9-16.  Longest chapter of the bible, longer than 30 books in the Bible.  Every verse contains a reference to God’s word.  These verses, in particular, show us the need to keep our focus on the truth of God’s word.  Whether we are graduating High School, back home in our native land…or living in the Copper Country…or anywhere else…we should be taking heed to God’s word.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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