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From Pastor Kevin – June 23, 2020

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,

The temperature was way too hot for me last week with temperatures in the upper 80’s and low 90’s.  With the humidity and limited air conditioning it gets quite warm.  This week is starting out much nicer…back in the 60’s and cloudy.  Flowers are beginning to bloom and looking really nice.  I have a columbine at home that is about ready to bloom…planted it last year and am excited to see it.

Had a busy week last week as Leslie and I attended a fund-raising seminar via zoom.  It was three days, Tuesday thru Thursday, 9 to 4.  Kind of long days, but it was a good seminar.  There were several other Village Missionaries attending so it was nice to see them and get to visit with some of them.  Also met many different people involved in many different ministries around the world.  All in all a very profitable week!

Hope you all had a nice Father’s Day!  Heard from most of my kids and had a nice day.  We are looking forward to getting a new jack for our camper…one of those electric ones so we don’t have to crank it up anymore.  May be taking it on the road next week to visit our daughter, her husband and our newest grandbaby over in Duluth.  Quite excited to see him…I mean them. 😊  Looks like more kids and grandkids will be out to visit in a couple of weeks along with Leslie’s sister and two of my brothers.  Will be a fun summer.  Headed to Kansas City this week as my brother-in-law is having some major surgery on Monday.

Sunday’s message was still in the Psalms but jumped around quite a bit.  I remembered the beginning of Psalm 1…how blessed is the man who…  We’ve looked at that Psalm before, and with Father’s Day, I thought there may be other places in Psalms that say how blessed is the man…  Actually found about a dozen times.  How blessed is the man who is forgiven, who is chosen by God, who is chastened by God.  How blessed is the man who delights in God’s word, whose refuge and trust is God, who helps the helpless and who makes God his strength.  This is not only true for the dad’s but for all of us.  May we should rely on God who is our help and hope in this life.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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