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From Pastor Kevin – February 8, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

In case you haven’t heard yet…we are cancelling all activities for this evening…just too cold to get out and…the snow does seem to keep falling.

I was talking with our plow guy the other day, as he plowed the parking lot again…  He was talking about how easy we’ve had it this winter, so far…and now, we’re going to pay for it.  Not sure that things work that way , but we are paying for it now.   Temperatures have been around zero for several days with the forecast being to stay there for the whole week.  And then there’s the wind…every morning I have a 3 – 4 foot deep drift in my driveway where the wind has blown it closed again.  With that and the pile of snow from the plow, snow blowing is “fun” every morning.  I wish you could see outside my office window right now.  The snow is about halfway up, but it is not blown up tight against the window.  There are little trails and caves…kind of like those old ant farms we used to have; minus the ants of course.  So many ways the snow is beautiful, and yet it is also a lot of work.

Just got finished helping (really, just watching) Jim and Stephani work on the keyboard.  We had a problem with the transposing keys on Sunday.  The repair involved taking apart the whole top of the keyboard…many, many screws.  Very thankful that they could get it fixed.  Now I just have to be careful when I push the keys to transpose.

Sunday’s message continued our look at the book of Ephesians.  In the first part of the book, Paul is writing to remind us of the basic truths that all believers should hold on to.  Last week we looked at the idea of God’s blessing us with every spiritual blessing, His choosing us and His adopting us into His family.  If you rearrange them you have the ABC’s…an easy way to remember – Adoption, Blessing and Choosing.  This week we had the “big R” – Redemption.  God’s grace that sent His Son to redeem us from our slavery and bondage to sin and death.  It is so amazing that His redemption makes forgiveness possible.  It has been God’s will since before time began to display His glory in the grace and the forgiveness that He makes possible in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  Remember the ABC’s and God’s wonderful redemption!

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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