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From Pastor Kevin – August 24, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have had quite humid days recently…the temperatures are starting to go down a bit, so it is a little easier to tolerate.  There are a few trees starting to change…you catch flashes of color every now and then, and some of the maples are turning dark red already.  Have heard a few people saying they have had enough of the “heat” and are ready for cooler temperatures.  So funny the different climates and tolerances.  Actually, had a fairly quiet week at home…Leslie’s sister and brother-in-law left on Monday and then we went nowhere; was quite nice!  This week we will be heading to Kansas due to the passing of Leslie’s uncle.  Will be back the first of next week and then we are hoping to be finished with our travels.  Have seen some amazing sights in the UP this summer!

Veronica starts school today out in Wyoming, and it looks like Ben may be trying to find a job up here for the winter.  Will see how the Lord works in their lives as they continue to grow up.  Sadly…Renee ended up not going to Bible School in Wyoming.  She is having a difficult time at this point…please pray for her.

Please pray for our Contenders classes…both the Bibliology people and Bob with New Testament Survey are nearing their end.  The Bibliology class is getting into some rather in-depth Bible Study so it is an exciting time as they dig into the word.  This fall it looks like one of our Bible Studies will be a New Testament Survey class.  If you want to have credit you can do the extra stuff on-line with contenders.  Otherwise, we will plan on going through the entire New Testament…briefly looking at a new book each week.  It will be a nice overview as well as a good way to quickly get a glimpse of the New Testament.  Sharon will also again be doing a ladies Bible Study and Doug will be doing Youth Group.  All of these will be starting up in October and this year we are trying them on Monday night.  Sunday School will start the 2nd week of September and will be available for all ages.

Sunday’s message was from Psalm 96.  This Psalm begins with a call for the world to sing to the Lord.  Three times we are told to sing to the Lord.  In the middle of the Psalm we are told three times to ascribe to the Lord…give to the Lord…glory and strength.  We are to praise the Lord for His great salvation that He has provided through His Son and praise Him for His mighty works displayed all around us!

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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