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From Pastor Kevin – August 17, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It has been a wild summer for us up here in the UP.  We have travelled from one side of the UP to the other, and even ventured into troll country, several times .  We have gotten to spend time with 6 of our 12 kids, 6 of our 7 grandchildren and 3 of our 6 siblings.  We have cried together, particularly with Jenna getting burned; she is doing much better and may get to go home soon, thank you for praying for her.  We have laughed together on a rough ferry ride under the Mackinac bridge and sitting on our back deck talking.  We have seen wonderful sunsets including on the ferry ride back from Mackinac island at the end of the day.  The Lord has done many things in our lives.  It was fun seeing our youngest grandson playing in the water at Gooseberry Falls and then picking up his feet, so he didn’t touch the cold water of Lake Superior.  We watched 4 of our grandkids playing in Lake Superior and even invented a new rock game on the beach.

We have also continued with our Bibliology class at the church, sometimes meeting via zoom.  Eight people are nearly finished with this course and are working on exegeting chapter 1 of 1 John.  Another guy has continued his work on the New Testament survey class and will be starting Old Testament survey soon.  Rob and Pam are continuing to settle in down in Watersmeet and learning the ropes of their new life in the ministry.

Veronica has headed back for Bible School in Wyoming.  She will be starting up the end of the week.  It looks like Renee may be joining her at school this year also, which is really miraculous news.  Please for the Lord to work in both of their lives.

Sunday’s message was from Psalm 27.  This Psalm begins with the Lord is my light and my salvation.  Consider what it means that the Lord is my light…  God is the light of the world; He is the light of our lives.  Like light…God reveals the truth of all things, He cannot be held and yet He moves all things, He fills all things, He is never consumed and never gets tired.  His light shows us the way, His light brings comfort and warmth.  Life without His light is impossible.  We should seek His beauty and make knowing Him the highest priority of our lives.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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