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From Pastor Kevin – April 6, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Most interesting time in our lives!  Had to go out some last week…doctor’s appointment in L’Anse on Tuesday, and another via face time.  Went back that direction for gas at The Pine’s for only $1.19 a gallon on Friday.  Have never paid under $50 to fill the excursion until that day.  We also got lunch at the Baraga Drive-in which is one of our favorite places.  Not many people on the roads either day…weird getting into Wal-Mart for a few groceries too.

I also got to go to the hospital as my heart went out again.  Leslie couldn’t come in with me.  It was actually pretty quiet in the ER…not much activity going on, which is good.  Have to go through all kinds of questions just to get in the door.  They gave me some IV medicine, monitored me for a bit and set me home.  My heart thankfully converted in the night.   Just needed a little more “excitement” for the week.

Not much enjoying the black snow this time of year…the piles are shrinking fairly quickly.  Nice having sunshine several days in a row last week.  I did get to see my first robin the other day.  The birds are still singing away in the mornings.

We are continuing with our on-line services.  In case you haven’t found them yet…go to our website at and click on the word LIVE.  You can also find the previous Sunday’s messages there also.  We are starting to get the hang of it down, I think…thanks to Doug’s hard work.  It will be strange to have our Easter service online…there is always reason to celebrate the resurrection!  Will be some great music to help with our worship.

Sunday’s message was from Psalm 42.  The main message is HOPE IN GOD!  If any of you caught my mistake…we will be talking about TRUST IN GOD after Easter  .  I thought it was interesting that the psalmist was missing going to worship in Jerusalem, just as we are missing worshiping together in our building.  Even with the turmoil in our world…God is still present, and active and in control.  In these times, and always, we can have hope in our unchanging, all powerful, ever present, always good and great God!  He is our Rock, our sure foundation!

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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