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From Pastor Kevin – April 26, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

We are back to cooler weather and have had a little snow.  I understand there were several inches of snow while we were down in Kansas; most of it was gone when we got back, and we also had about 3 inches of snow that fell while we were in Kansas.  The plants in the front of the church, and the tulips and daffodils on the side are continuing to pop up although they aren’t having an easy time of it right now.  Some little hyacinths that Pam Yerks planted before they left that are starting to bloom.

We made another trip to Kansas and this time Alicia went along with us.  While it was sad because of Leslie’s aunt’s funeral, it was good to see all of Leslie’s cousins while we were down there.  Also got to see some of our kids and grandkids who came down.  Kimberly (our granddaughter) is really growing up, Jenna got to go swimming for the first time in a year and little Kevin is about ready to take his first step.  It was great to all be together!

Last night we had the final Kid’s Choir concert.  It really has been enjoyable working with them this past year and they did a great job!  Have a group of girls that have become very strong altos, and others that are good at holding their own part.  There was a good turnout with many friends and family coming to hear them.  Our favorite song is still Awesome God where the kids do sign language and some of the Dads, and one grandpa, join us in singing.  It was also a good time of fellowship afterwards!

Sunday’s message continued with the first 10 verses of chapter two in Ephesians.  The first three verses talk about how we are all dead in sin, children of wrath, separated from our Creator.  Verses seven through 10 talk about God’s mercy and grace that He has shown us in providing so great a salvation!  Because of His mercy He holds back and because of His grace God pardons and releases us.  Because of God’s mercy we do not get what we deserve and because of His grace He gives us what we don’t deserve.  How amazing it is that we who were dead because of sin can be made alive because of God’s grace and the faith He gives us to repent and trust in Him!

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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