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From Pastor Kevin – April 20, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Veronica made a comment about the snow this time of year…it looks like cookies ‘n cream ice cream.  Sums it up pretty well!  With all the stamp sand mixed in and after sitting for several months it looks just like it.  It is melting although not fast enough for some.  My 12’ banks on the side of my drive-way are down to 2 or 3’ banks.  Starting to see the little trees in the yard that I protected over the winter, now the wait to see if they’re still alive.  Took a drive to L’Anse today and most of their snow is gone, and the lake and portage are mostly clear of ice.

It is probably an understatement that we are all ready to get things back to “normal,” whatever that new “normal” is going to be.  Still we need to be careful and pray for those who have caught the virus.  Have heard that some of them are really having a difficult time.  I would think it would be difficult for the whole family as well…wanting to help, but still having to keep yourself from getting sick.  There are many ways these circumstances are affecting all of us.  Continue to pray for each other and our country, and the world, as we go through this difficult time.  God is still in control!

When things do get back closer to “normal,” I’d like for us as a church to plan on getting together and celebrating the Lord’s resurrection.  We will do this on the third Sunday after we are able to meet together again.  We’ll have much of the same music we had on Easter Sunday, plus a few other “surprises.”  Always need to celebrate and remember the resurrection of our Lord!

Sunday’s message focused on Psalm 62…a reminder that we can always trust the Lord.  I particularly like the last two verses of this Psalm.  It is a dependable statement that the Lord our God is all-powerful, and He is love.  It also says there will come a time of judgment for each of us.  These statements are always true regardless of the circumstances we may face in our lives.  We can always hold on to these truths, we can depend on them in all times.  I pray in the days ahead that each of us will rest in the Lord, be silent before Him, knowing that He controls everything with His mighty power and that His love will never change or come to an end.

By God’s Amazing Grace,
Pastor Kevin Hausman

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