Prayer Spotlight

Prayer Spotlight
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  • Advancing on Our Knees
    Without prayer, ministering for 66 years in rural North America would have been impossible. Now, as we celebrate sixty years of serving rural communities, we are asking for renewed prayer.   We believe it is vitally important we put an increasing emphasis on intercessory prayer on behalf of… The people who live in each community Village […]
  • As You Pray This Week
    Village Missions U.S. is involved in a major transition in the health care it provides its missionaries, mostly through the churches.  We supplement some of the costs (about $185,000 last fiscal year) for churches that cannot afford the health insurance.  We are switching January 1 to combination of a Christian sharing ministry, health reimbursement account, […]
  • December 7: Terry & Jane Baskin, Grindrod, BC
    Grindrod is a quiet farming community located in a beautiful valley, enclosed on two sides by forested mountains. There is a lack of employment opportunities in the community, so those who do work usually have to commute. The mild climate here makes it attractive to retirees who like the “country.” The village itself is home […]
  • As You Pray this Week
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!   We pray that you have a great day celebrating Thanksgiving and remembering the many things we are thankful for.   Most of all we are thankful for a Savior who gave us the gift of eternal life.  Thank you Jesus! Pray for Brian and Carole as they travel to Michigan to be […]
  • November 30: Owen & Lori Corcoran, Gorham, NY
    Bethel Baptist Church is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York. We live in a small village of about 500 people, surrounded by farms, vineyards, orchards, lakes, and many tourist attractions. Our church just celebrated 200 years of ministry! Please pray that we would reach the people of our community with the life-changing good […]
  • As You Pray This Week
    Brian and Jim Cross arrived home safely from the Canadian board meeting. Please be praying as we work out the details for a new initiative that is coming in Canada. Please be praying for the Village Missions Helping Fund, which is critically low. You can partner with Village Missions in the Shoulder to Shoulder campaign […]
  • November 23: Joseph & Jaine Garness, Star, CO
    Star Community Church is located in SE Colorado, 17 miles from the nearest town and 25 miles from the nearest town with services. For many years, Star Community Church has been a lighthouse in this rural area, but as the ranches around SE Colorado have grown larger, the population has declined and aged. The congregation […]
  • Nov 16: Frank & Lynn Puffer, Land O Lakes, WI
    Land O Lakes is largely a resort area. People are drawn by many outdoor activities, which are plentiful in this area. The major industries here are construction, hospitality, and personal services, which come along with such an area. As well, there is a good number of retirees in the area. Please pray for the forthcoming […]
  • As You Pray This Week
    Village Missions is so thankful for our many veterans that have served to protect our freedom to worship without fear of persecution. Thank you to the many missionaries who have served in the past and those who currently serve for this sacrifice.   The National Board meeting for Village Missions went well last week in […]
  • Nov 9: Marty & Cindy Cole, Ocean Park, WA
    We have served Friant, CA, Foresthill, CA, Springfield, OR, and now Ocean Park, WA, along with our son Jonathan, who runs Mike’s Computer in OR and serves at OPCC. Just like it sounds, we are located on the SW WA coast’s Cape Discovery. No one drives by Ocean Park; we hear it said, “You have to […]